HARMONY™ No More Waste Seed Mix is a great way to encourage a wide range of Australian wild birds to visit your backyard.

It is a healthy supplement to their natural diet and a great way to get your backyard alive with colour!

Even better news is that these seeds are 100% edible, as they have already been de-hulled. This means that the outer husks the birds normally discard before they eat the seed inside, will no longer be left as a mess on your deck or garden!

It also means that if they do happen to fall and they aren’t scooped up by a ground feeding bird, they won’t be able to germinate and grow in your garden.

Using HARMONY™ No More Waste Seed Mix is the first step in making your backyard a bird-friendly haven. Go to our Backyard Habitat section for some other tips on things you can do to brighten up your backyard with birds all year round. 

Available in 1kg.


A mix of 5 or more of the following: Groats (Hulled Oats), Sunflower Hearts, Maize, Currants, Peanuts, Sultanas, Raisins.